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Vultr - Global Cloud Hosting with Fast SSD

Vultr is one of the most popular VPS and cloud hosting providers for the last few years. They provide High-Quality service and excellent customer help.

  • Geographic Footprint
  • One Click Apps
  • Full Resource Control
  • Upload ISO / Mount ISO
  • Linux, Windows and BSD
  • No Long Term Contracts

With 17 worldwide locations (at the time when this article was written) they are a great choice when you want to deploy globally. The Control panel is very intuitive and available for desktop, mobile and tablet.

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* Duplicate accounts not eligible. Customer must link a valid credit card or Paypal method to be eligible for the $100 credit. Unused portion of $100 credit expires after 30 days.

Modern cloud computing for developers and businesses

DigitalOcean - Cloud computing for developers and businesses

Digital Ocean is one of the pioneers of cloud hosting services. Founded in 2011 in New York City the company changed the market of VPS and cloud services with their fair prices and great service.

  • Simple platform
  • Predictable pricing
  • World-class service
  • Databases
  • Developer tools
  • Management tools

With 13 Datacenters worldwide Digital Ocean offers excellent flexibility for your business or even personal website. It takes minutes to launch your first Droplet and if you need any help there is a strong community to give you a hand.

Try DigitalOcean for free with $100 free credit!*

* Get a $100, 60-day credit as soon as you add a valid payment method to your account.